Sunday, October 30, 2005

15 Feb 2004 - Drama Club "Zigger Zagger" Performance
18 Aug 2005- C Div Rugby Police Cup

The above events will be reposted 3 days later under the dates when they took place. You may still access them them under the archive section. Do share your comments by clicking on the "comments post them here" link at the end of each post.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Lest we forget...

Thank you Sec 2 EXP leaders for sticking with this project given the short notice. Too bad the XBox finale didn't turn out as planned due to a technical glitch. It was sure be nice to see Ms Chew, Ms Roshna and Mr Sim blow their brains out on the Halo2 platform huh?

Anyway, all the form teachers have personally come up to me to mention that they were very touched by the efforts and items you put together for the Thanksgiving Event programme. You can see that your peers also had a great time! I salute you! Our Seol Garden treat is on.

The pictures will take awhile because I have experienced a technical glitch (another?!!) with Blogspot when I try to upload them.

I'm just going to try this. Those of Sec 2 EXP fellas who want to a copy of those slideshow pictures (and tons more - all 2004 and 2005 events put together!) screened during the event, leave a comment. Depending on responses, I might consider burning them onto one DVDR and you pay a minimal fee to cover cost. Drop those comments now!

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

27 Oct 2005, Suntec City

And we're suppose to measure what again??

Quick! Find out where the Bird shop is before the teacher returns from the loo!

Act-cute Meter Rating - we need a replacement meter!!!



Stuffed up on you.

Cute-Meter - did I just hear the camera lens crack?

The cutest and meanest dude for sure!

This way to the Matrix.

Someone cook this frog for supper!

Bad hair day.

Mr Sim & Mark

It's over at last?

L for ?

Mr Ng : One lemon for your hard work.
Sherywn : I've waited all my life for this!!!
Mr Sim : Sigh. That should've been me.
Ms Kong : Hmmph! I'll use my VISA to order a truckload!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

26 Oct 2004 - Sec 1 Leaders Training Course

--> click October 2004 link under Archive section (right column) to access pictures

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

He's still alive!

Behind those sheets...but in the public eye.

Don't try this at home.

Why isn't my balloon blowing up properly??!!

The one big happy family affair.

Mommy! Look what my friends gave me!

No comments.

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25 Oct 2005

TEN teams, 20 players.

There were no campaigns against the alien menace or the Covenant. Nor were there parasitic creatures (otherwise known as the Flood) to wage war against. The booty, $60 worth of gaming vouchers, was worth braving the clement weather for.

Microsoft's highly successful Xbox export, the Halo series, have won over millions of fans worldwide with its gripping story and an intense and satisfying gameplay experience. Scurrying across new maps downloaded from Microsoft Live, the 20 Saints-and-die-hard Halo fans were definitely not gentle Master Chiefs when it came to wielding their weapons to pit their wits and skills in the first ever Halo2 Saints Challenge held in our very own school grounds. The wet weather did not dampen the crowd of approximately 60 boys who, too, have gathered together to witness this showdown at A603, Mr. Stanley Ho's homeroom.

The challengers were :

Team 1 - Mark & Devaraj
Team 2 - Gerald & Jonathan
Team 3 - Jonathan Ting & Jon
Team 4 - Jonathan Sng & Kelgene
Team 5 - Shaun & Mia Sim
Team 6 - Bryan & Jonathan Mok
Team 7 - Daniel See & Daniel Tan
Team 8 - Collin & Sherman
Team 9 - James & Edward
Team 10 - Derek & Roshan

After enduring gruelling 10-minute rounds in the Preliminary Stage, four teams - 2, 3, 4 and 5 - advanced into the Semi-Finals.

The Saint studies and strategises from afar...

The teams who remained behind to catch the Finals.

Champion : Team 5 (Mia Sim & Shaun Lee)

Second : Team 3 (Jon Lim and Jonathan Ting)

Third : Team 4 (Jonathan Sng & Kelgene)

Fourth : Team 2 (Gerald Choy & Xin Wei)

Congratuations Saints!

Next year - An official Saints Team for Cyber World Games?

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This site was put up yesterday 24 Oct 2005, Sun. In this short time span, we have garnered 250 hits as of NOW!!! Not bad indeed. Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy putting the caption to the tons of pictures we have in store still! Cheers!

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Monday, October 24, 2005

7 Feb 2004 - Evil
27 Jul 2005- Drink up P-style

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So you think you're unbeatable with the plasma gun? Go pit yourselves with fellow Saints tomorrow!

EVENT : HALO 2 Challenge
DATE : 24 Oct 2005
VENUE : A603 Mr Stanley Ho's homeroom
TIME : 230-530pm

REGISTRATION FEE : $5 per team of 2 players
note - As this activity is meant for 2 EXP boys, a levy of $1 is imposed on each team member who is not from 2 EXP classes.

FIRST $30 Gaming or HMV voucher
SECOND $20 Gaming or HMV voucher
THIRD $10 Gaming or HMV voucher

Go the Online Learning Website (a link is provided on the homepage of this web at the links column - right). Go to the Sec 2 EXP module and click on the forum. Look for the Halo2 posting and click on it for intructions.

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09 Sep 2005 - Puff Johnny - more pictures added
31 Aug 2005 - Teachers Day Melacca Trip
29 Aug 2005 - World Cyber Games

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The day and hour The Saint was created...

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

13-15 Oct 2005

Day 1

Leaders looking sharp and edgy, NOT nerdy!

Arriving for the BIG BRIDGE COUNT (BBC).

Just what are we counting? The potholes on the bridge or the leftover bricks at SAJC-under-construction???

Body count... 5 have since passed away...

I need some help here. Running out of fingers, can I borrow your toes?

Let's just put in all the basketball, Xbox, LAN, makan and more slack sessions and give just half hour daily for the teaching modules...hehehe!

We're transcribing the meeting ideas on the laptop - officially - but in the hole!

Why must I always face the heights???

Day 2

Day 3

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