Saturday, November 26, 2005

25 Nov to 2 Dec 2005
Day 2

The welcome songs by a local girls high school. 26 Nov, Brookside.

Just how many banners did they use to welcome us delegates (Wow! Are they serious? cool...)?? 26 Nov, Brookside.

One bin for every household. 26 Nov, Brookside.

They've got dancing queens - we're painting Saints! 26 Nov, Brookside.

The river that runs through Brookside Village - get it? 26 Nov, Brookside.

The children lining up to collect goodies. 26 Nov, Brookside.

Pictures by Anwar, Yu Kin, Ms. Seah, Mr. Stanley Ho.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

25 Nov to 2 Dec 2005
Day 1

Leaving on a jet plane. 25 Nov, Changi Airport.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

24 Nov 2005, Raffles Town Club.

The sights. The sounds.

"I went to Graduation Night 2005 and this is what my pals got for me."

Frederick! You too??!! This is totally AWESOME!

HELP!!! I'm still not getting any!

Welcome! Step right in! I promise it won't hurt a tad at all.

Our arctic polar participant flown in specially for the event.

Do you count the layers I just bought from the stores earlier?

Speak to the coat.

This act slipped past the censors.

Sulk a pose - Elijah.

HR (Hooper & Ray) Department.

Elijah & Jonathan

Sanjay & Nizam

Ethnic urban jungle wear.

Manhunt participants, Jesse & Ryan, striking a SNAG pose.

Grilling the Manhunt contestants.

Stage Your Talent Segment

David's very `fierce' act.

We can do better with the flowers...

What's he down to again?

Golf balling as

Pick a t-carrrtd.

Our rugby captain's pushup galore challenge!

Most bizarre act - Indran's belting of the strange Mandarin tune.

Evan and Darrell getting coldfeet while playing "Yellow".

The lady in waiting...(this doesn't look right.)

Green Day grovels for attention.

"This is how I would sweep her - water-polo style - into my arms."

The camera battery went flat after this point...

So who under the earth won the Saints Manhunt 2005???

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some members of The Drama Club & fellow Saints before watching Twist Of Fate at Esplanade Theatre.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Owing to a clear and present threat, we regret to inform you that access to the personal blog of the site owner has been removed. Pictures of Saints in action will continue to be put up from time to time.

Site owner : )

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Treat for the fantastic bunch of 2 EXP student leaders!

10 Nov 2005, Seoul Gardens, Takashimaya Shopping Mall

I've skipped yesterday's lunch, dinner and this morning's breakfast just for the buffet meal!

No pictures during feeding hours please!

We're just about done.

Burp for the camera!

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