Monday, July 31, 2006

Yes I've finally come to the end of the road. Beginning 2003, thus saint2003, the journey has been a mix of great highs and lows - fortunately more of the former. I don't think I had the chance to thank many people. So this post serves to do just that...

most importantly to my amazing S3 Leaders - thanks for sticking around since S1 days and believing in those crazy activities we ran together. You have rocked the school in more ways that it has even seen before and let's face it, we've made the school a more fun place to be in.

1A - you are truly my most fun form class I've ever had (6 in total since the beginning of my teaching career!). Okay, you guys probably heard this many times from me by now - I just have to say this again - you are the most NON-nerd top class I've ever come across! I hope the photoCDs will bring back awesome memories of the torture chamber, the wacky birthday celebrations, the animal characters and jokes you fill the lessons daily!

S3 Literature class - I've told some of you. You are the next best thing that has happened to me other than my nutty form class this year. I hope you remember that Literature is NOT a dead subject where you just study and sit for an exam.

Drama Club - thanks for playing on with all the wild ideas for our productions. We touched lives with the many real issues in the plays we've put up, don't you think? It sure beats those dead pan boring stuff that goes on in some places...:)

2N2, 3N2 - Wow! My final 3 weeks are more colourful just teaching you guys! Thanks for being so willing to learn (compared to some older ones...haha).

The ruggers - your determination (to win) and peseverence (enduring long training hours) inspire many of us to excel, to teach better and to inspire others. Thanks for playing such great games, at least those I've seen, and making the sport such an exciting event to behold!

The individuals who took time to have farewell meals with me, wrote notes/cards or said "hi" along the heart-felt gratitude to your warmth and friendship.

5N2 - It has been more than a year and we need to see some of you move out of complacency to avoid the curse that plagued many of your seniors (you know what I mean!). For those of you who do listen, I just want you to know that your presence in class is much appreciated!

5N1, 4S2 - Why do I always end up taking over classes in their final year because...well, let's just leave that to the ashes of history. I must admit I do have my moments of breakthroughs with you but - consistent hardwork is the only sure way out of the doldrums of mediocre results.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

2 Years Ago...

In 2006...

Some habits die real hard...

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A final look at the stripped down A603.

I realised I didn't take a picture of the infamous Torture Chamber. I must remember to do just that next week. I'm really going to miss this pad a lot.

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